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Level 1-3 Course, Instructor

The course has been developed for in company training instructors to enable delivery of candidate training at a time suitable for their business. The training is designed to provide the underpinning knowledge and practical skills to use a fall protection system with leaning ladders across 3 working levels:
Level 1 –Maintaining 3 points of contact at the head of the ladder.
Level 1-2 – Maintaining 3 points of contact while ascending/descending the ladder.
Level 1-3 – Maintaining 3 points of contact whilst accessing a pitched roof.


Day 1- The course includes:
  • Introduction to the instructors guide including its structure and content.
  • Instructor delivery and analysis of the session on UK legislation.
  • Demonstration of the harness fitting session and review with instructors guide.
  • Instructor delivery and analysis of the session on Fall Classification and Effect.
  • Instructor lead session covering the usage and fitting of fall protection equipment, the ladder securing process and access procedures.
  • Completion of practical exercises securing the ladder and using/ fitting equipment.
  • Conducting a practical ladder exercise at a height of approximately 6 metres.  (This height is given for guidance only.)
  • Conducting a practical ladder exercise demonstration the equipment transfer method when accessing a pitched roof.
  • Allocation of overnight tasks including open book written assessment.
Day 2- The course includes:
  • Instructor delivery and analysis of sessions on roof safety and access procedures.
  • Candidate delivery of 1-1 instruction.
  • Candidate delivery of Practical sessions.
  • Candidate delivery of Theory sessions.
  • Instructor lead session covering the equipment user inspection process
Materials: Instructor guides will be issued to each attendee.
  • Medically fit to work at height – Completion of a medical statement sheet is mandatory.
  • Each candidate must attend with a Tetra Level 1-3 kit, hard hat with chin strap and safety footwear.
  • Candidate must be used to working at heights, with ladders and PFPE (Personal Fall Protection Equipment).
  • Candidate must be comfortable with delivering presentations in a classroom and practical based environment.
  • Candidate must be prepared to do prep work on the first night for presentations the next day.
Certification:  A Tetra Certificate and ID Card will be issued upon successful completion of the course and assessments. This will be valid for 3 years from date of course.
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