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Level 1 Safety Kit

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Level 1 – Provides three points of contact at the head of the ladder.


The Level 1  kit includes


Full Body Harness – Our harness has been designed for ease of fitting and comfort

The full body harness is accredited to BS EN 361 and is manufactured using 45mm water resistant polyester webbing.

The harness is fitted with a rear dee and a chest mounted front dee. Utilizing the front dee, the harness can be fitted with the cows tail to achieve fall protection at the head of the ladder.The harness is fully adjustable and is fitted with rip stitch indicators, for visual indication of a fall on the harness.


Cowstail (short lanyard)

Our range of cowstails are accredited too or exceed EN354:2012

They have been deigned to provide a mechanical 3rd point of contact when the user needs two hands to complete their task. The cowstail’s are supplied with EN362 Autolocking karabiners suitable for use by right handed or left handed users.


Re useable eyebolt

Our range of reuseable eyebolts (choose from 12, 20,22 or 26mm Ø) are designed as a ladder restraint device and as an aid to securing a leaning ladder.

They are 100% removable and re-usable and require no tools or test equipment to install. They meet and exceed all loads advised by the HSE and have been in service now since 1999 confirming their suitability.


Ladder Securing Strap

Our Hi Vis polyester ladder securing strap, is designed specifically for use with our re useable eyebolt and ladder yoke. The strap features a 2:1 pull ratio configuration with an alloy camlok fitted, to enable tightening of the device and wire lock karabiners on each end for attachment to the eyebolt and ladder yoke.

The ladder strap has been designed so the user cannot place excess stress on the ladder.


Ladder Yoke

Our Hi Vis polyester ladder yoke has been designed to work on industrial aluminium or glass fibre ladders. The yoke in conjunction with the ladder strap and eyebolt secures the ladder with an even force on each style. The yoke can be used with one securing strap or with two triangulation straps.


All our polyester products come with serial numbers and date of manufacture for identification, traceability and regular inspection.


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